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Michigan State at Northwestern | 2/17/18 | "Biggest comeback in Big Ten basketball history"

March 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Michigan State Spartans at Northwestern Wildcats @Allstate Arena on February 17, 2018. "Biggest comeback in Big Ten basketball history". I included 97 photos on this blog post from, without question, the best basketball game I have ever shot from last month. Photos include live transmitted images and second edits as well while on assignment for USA Today Sports Images. I arrive several hours prior to tip off to install a remote camera on the opposite end of my assumed baseline shooting position (west side of the Allstate Arena). Steve Carrera, NU photographer, and one of my good friends, assets Greg Nelson (SI) and myself with putting remote cameras up. I mount mine from a higher vantage point, 8 feet above the floor and I clamp onto the post before it extends out to the basket. I am all set up a couple hours prior to tip off. 


Nam (AP), David Banks (Getty), and myself are on the floor ready to shoot 30 minutes prior to tip off while all the players are still warming up, many other photographers are already set up at this point. Little did we know we were in for a rollercoaster of a game. Unfortunately with my assignment and scheduling that day, I needed to "in camera edit" and lock selected photos from the back of the camera screen to solely ingest and save time, and didn't have time allocated time to go through all the photos on my computer at half time and the end of the game. I went through all the photos several days after the game for second edits. (For more info on this, please use the contact tab and I am very open to sharing my workflow) At a certain point myself and other shooters just get in a specific mind set and go on focus mode and engage in the game. This point was unusually early for this game. Half way through the half first, I remember turning to my colleague Nam Huh (mentor and friend) and telling him"this is the greatest basketball game I've ever seen". 


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